Before You Leave

by Ethridge Netz

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Verse 1
I raised my voice and shattered your heart.
I shouted and pounded my fists to prove how I felt.
We had a car that needed work after our first year.
And in that car is when I showed you my true self.

Chorus 1
How many times have I thrown my ring at you.
And left in that car for good.
I always come back and try to stay mad at you.
But you always win my heart back like I knew you would

Verse 2
Today is worthy of the weather outside.
These black clouds fill my chest.
I swear you're the one for me
You love me at my worst and best

Chorus 2
But I'm having trouble today
With the things I've done to you.
I've betrayed your trust and I'm sorry for the things I've done
and what I still do.

Verse 3
I try to imagine a world without you.
Sometimes I bring myself to believe.
It's what I have to do to prepare myself
For when I finally drive you to leave.

Chorus 3
But you know I demand much more than hollow plastic
painted to look like bronze and I'd rather fight than float
through day to day on blissful bubbles of joy
and admit I'm wrong.


released November 24, 2016
Lyrics: Ethridge & Katrina Netz
Producer, Recording, Mixing: Nick Powell, Ordinary Sounds
Mastering: Doug Van Sloun, Focus Mastering




Ethridge Netz Des Moines, Iowa

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